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Science Informs Us

All of our practices are informed by science and have the ultimate goal of food safety and a healthy flock in mind. 

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Our Protocols and Certifications

Marek's Disease Prevention

Every chick that hatches on our farm is vaccinated within 24 hours for Marek's Disease. We carefully follow package instructions & accepted best practices and diligently isolate chicks for up to two weeks or until they are sent home (whichever comes first!). 

High Hatch Rates

The hatchlings we sell are meticulously cared for throughout their incubation by following protocols informed by the most current science to ensure a very high hatch rate with minimal loss and suffering.


We are an NPIP-certified farm (#1431). NPIP is a program that tests for Salmonella pullorum yearly and outlines biosecurity measures to prevent the introduction of S. pullorum and other diseases into the negative flock. We follow these recommendations in accordance with our NPIP flock agreement rigidly. 

Veterinary Care

Our birds receive prompt and necessary veterinary treatment and care from a knowledgeable veterinarian because we feel they are just as deserving as any other pet of living a quality life free from disease and pain.  

Proper Egg Handling

Our eggs for consumption have been collected, handled, cleaned, and stored according to the Illinois Department of Agriculture's recommended practices. 

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