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Polish Chicks

Polish Chicks

Straight run chicks from our mixed-colors flock of frizzle and smooth tolbunt, buff-laced, & gold-laced Polish chickens.  


The chicks which hatch will include a very small number of lemon-laced and solid white chicks in addition to the colors of the parents listed above.


The breeding pens are set up so that frizzle roosters are with smooth hens and smooth roosters are with frizzle hens. This is to prevent frizzle x frizzle breedings which result in birds with brittle feathers which break off and often lead to chickens with bald spots. Frizzle x frizzle breeding is considered unethical in Polish breeding. Unfortunately, the use of smooth parents to prevent this does produce smooth chicks, though. Please know there will stastically be a roughly 50/50 split of smooth and frizzle hatchlings in your order. 

Straight run means the chicks will be UNSEXED and come in ASSORTED COLORS (i.e. I cannot accommodate requests for females and certain colors. It will be luck of the draw, so to speak). They will also be a random ASSORTMENT OF FEATHER TYPES (i.e. I cannot accommodate requests for frizzle. Your order will include birds with smooth feathers as well). 

All of the chicks will be vaccinated against Marek's Disease unless you request otherwise. 

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