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Silkie Chicks

Silkie Chicks

Straight run chicks from our mixed-colors flock of blue, black, and splash Silkies. We may eventually have a small number of white, red pyle, red, and partridge Silkies to offer, but for now, we are only accepting pre-orders for blue, black, and splash. 


Straight run means the chicks will be UNSEXED and come in ASSORTED COLORS (i.e. I cannot accommodate requests for females or certain colors. It will be luck of the draw, so to speak).

All of the chicks will be vaccinated against Marek's Disease unless you request otherwise. 


Our Silkies flock is laying well and the babies have begun to hatch. I'm filling 2024 pre-orders now and will have chicks available to anyone placing new orders before the end of March.  

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